How well do you know All Time Low lyrics?

Attention all time low fans! do you want to test your ATL lyrical knowledge? well here's the place to do it! i hope you know your way around ATL lyrics!

I wanted to make this because i noticed that i couldnt find any ATL lyrical quizzes on here! and lyrics are one of my favorite things about ATL, so here it is! No cheating!(:

Created by: getdirtydowork

  1. "I fell in love _______________ " -Sick Little Games
  2. "Call me a name _________" - Jasey Rae
  3. "I know she hopes I choke on this last drink _____ " - The Party Scene
  4. "They've had chances to make _________" - Hometown Heroes, National Nobodies
  5. "Go back to the place we knew before_______" - Circles
  6. What song is this from? Your love is the barrel of a gun.
  7. What song is this from? You'll never take the summer from me.
  8. What song is this from? Take off your shirt, your shoes.
  9. What song is this from? Your just in time to witness my first breakdown.
  10. What song is this from? The low road for the fast track
  11. What song is this from? Dont f--k this whole thing up for me, I though we were a team.
  12. What song is this from? Safe little thoughts to keep you safe.
  13. Which song does not have the lyrics " Time- Bomb" in it?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know All Time Low lyrics?