Do you know popular lyrics??

Think you know the lyrics to the hottest songs right now?? Take this quiz to find out if you are a lyrical genius:D Hope you have fun and get a good score!!!

Come with me stay the night You say the words but boy it don't feel right What do you expect me to say? You take my hand and you say you've changed But boy you know your beggin' don't fool me Because to you it's just a game So let me on down cuz time has made me strong I'm starting to move on I'm gonna say this now your chance has come and gone And you know It's just too little too late A little too wrong and I can't wait Boy you know all the right things to say You know it's just too little too late You say you dream of my face But you don't like me you just like the chase To be real it doesn't matter anyway You know it's just too little too late I LOVE JOJO!!!!!!!!:D

Created by: glitterchick97
  1. Next 2 You-Chris Brown featuring Justin Bieber "and baby everything that I have is yours, you will never...?"
  2. What's My Name-Rihanna featuring Drake "baby you got me, and ain't nowhere that I'd be then...?"
  3. Born This Way-Lady GaGa "give yourself ____ and love your friends..."
  4. Airplanes-B.O.B. featuring Hayley Williams "somebody take me back to the days, before this was a job, before...?"
  5. E.T.-Katy Perry featuring Kanye West "you're so supersonic, wanna feel your power, stun me with your ____..."
  6. D.J. Got Us Fallin' In Love-Usher "ain't I seen you before? Think I'd remember...?"
  7. Raise Your Glass-P!nk "so if you're...?...and you're treated like a fool..."
  8. Tonight I'm Lovin' You-Enrique Iglesias "I know you want me, I made it obvious that...?"
  9. Friday-Rebecca Black "tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards, I don't...?" (I know you know this:D I hate this stupid song>:( )
  10. Mine-Taylor Swift "and I remember that fight...?"

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Quiz topic: Do I know popular lyrics??