Song Lyrics Quiz

A lot of people listen to music. But do you really know the lyrics to songs. Song writers spend a long time writing lyrics do you really know the lyrics or do you just like the tune?

Are you good with the lyrics? Can you memorize a whole song? Are you a lyric genius? Before this quiz you could only guess but now you can know how much LYRICS YOU REALLY KNOW!

Created by: lyrics101
  1. What comes next? (Moment 4 Life Nicki Minaj ft. Drake) I sprinkle holy water upon the vampire
  2. What comes next (What the Hell Avril lavigne) You're on your knees begging please stay with me
  3. What comes next (Blow Kesha) Dirt and glittler cover the floor
  4. What comes next? (E.T. Katy Perry ft. Kanye West) Feels like I am floating
  5. What comes next? (The Time (Dirty Bit) Black Eyed Peas) Chicks in the club
  6. What comes next? (Born This Way Lady Gaga) Subway kid rejoice your truth
  7. What comes next? (S&M Rihanna) Love is great, love is fine
  8. What comes next? (Perfect P!nk (Radio Version)) Make them like you instead
  9. What comes next? (Price Tag Jessie J ft. B.o.B) why is everybody so obbsessed?
  10. Ok last music question: What song is this called: Here we go, come with me
  11. Was this quiz awesome

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