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So, these are some songs off the top of my head with their lyrics. Just match the lyrics to whoever wrote the song. This will be really easy for some people and really freaking hard for others. Hehe.

Try it out! What do you have to lose? If you read paragraph one you know everything to do... kinda easy, really. So yeah, just check it out. I hate writing this lol

Created by: tomboykaitie

  1. About a world that... never was and never will be. Have you no shame, don't you see me. You know you've got everybody fooled.
  2. I deserve respect but I work a sweat for this workless check.
  3. Wake up. Grab rear, grab beer. Shave beard, put on some scence gear. Gonna get drunk 'till my mom wakes up, break up with my girlfriend so I can bang sluts.
  4. I ain't the sharper tool in the shed. She was lookin kinda dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an L on her forehead.
  5. Don't speak. I know just what you're sayin. So please stop explaining. Don't tell me 'cause it hurts.
  6. I've got my maple syrup, everything but you.
  7. So many people goanna say that they want you. To try to make you think that maybe they care. But there's nothing like the warmth of the one who has put in the time, and you know will always be there.
  8. All the little pieces... falling... shatter. Shards... of me too sharp to put back together. Too small to matter. But big enough to cut me into so many little pieces... if I try to touch her... And I bleed.
  9. I hate my job! I hate my life! And if it weren't for my kids, I'd hate my ex-wife.
  10. I won't make you tell me, what I've come to understand.
  11. Das alles ist Deutschland (ohh), das sind alles wir, wir leben und wir sterben hier.
  12. Why do I act like I'm all high and mighty when inside I'm dying, I am finally realizing I need help.

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