How Much Evanescence Songs Do You Know

Man,I love Evanescence. I'm a huge fan. I know the songs Snow White Queen, My Last Breath, Taking Over Me, Going Under, All That I'm Living For, Everybody's Fool, Sweet Sacrifice, Weight of The World, Lose Control,(by heart) and a few part of songs and probably some other songs I can't name at this point

Do you have what it takes to know songs from Evanescence. Well,if you think you have the guts then(drumroll), take this quiz. It won't bite ya, I promise.

Created by: Syrena
  1. What is the name of the song that these lyrics come from:" I'll miss the winter a world of fragile things"
  2. What song included these lyrics: "Servatis a periculum" "Servatis a maleficum"
  3. What does "Servatis a periculum" "Servatis a maleficum" mean
  4. What songs were dedicated to Bonnie Lee when she died
  5. What song does these lyrics belong to: "You'll never know the way you words have haunted me"
  6. Why did Amy Lee write Lithium?
  7. What song does these lyrics belong to: "But through my tears breaks a blinding light Birthing a dawn to this endless night"
  8. What song does these lyrics belong to: "In my field of paper flowers And candy clouds of lullaby"
  9. Was the song Bleed(I Must Be Dreaming) released
  10. Finish the rest of this part of the song: "I still remember the world From the eyes of a child-"

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Quiz topic: How Much Evanescence Songs do I Know