Which of MY Original Songs Are U?

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Me/K: I LOVE TO WRITE MUSIC! But which one of them are you? Take this quiz to find out! These aren't all my songs, I just only got to add 8 of them to the quiz.

Me/K: I hope this quiz is accurate and you like it, make sure to rate and comment your result! Most of my songs are sad, but I hope you still get the accurate one. ENJOY!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf
  1. Me/K: First off, how are you (BE HONEST)?
  2. Me/K: If you could do one thing, what would you do?
  3. Me/K: Which animal are you more like?
  4. Me/K: What has happened to you the most before?
  5. Me/K: Which song relates to you?
  6. Me/K: Which singer do you mainly listen to?
  7. Me/K: Are you mainly sad or happy?
  8. Me/K: Are you Peppa, Suzy, or Pedro?
  9. Me/K: Pick a color that describes you?
  10. Me/K: Also, these songs are ones that I made cause....I did. So anyway, that's all for today, BOI!!!

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