What Christian Song Do You NEED To Listen To?

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If you need encouragement, I have some songs that might provide that for you. These results are based on your needs and your relationship with God. Some of these songs are upbeat, others are reverent.

I hope these songs provide hope and bring forth a breakthrough. If these songs aren't what you need, I apologize, but whatever you get know that God is for you and not against you. He loves you!

Created by: abi
  1. What strength do you have in Christianity?
  2. What weakness do you have in Christianity?
  3. Do you think that God hates you?
  4. What Bible verse speaks to you? Think about your struggles.
  5. Do you struggle with depression or anxiety?
  6. What question do you ask yourself frequetly?
  7. Which of these torments you?
  8. What do you need from God?
  9. These next questions are random and won't affect your result.
  10. :P

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Quiz topic: What Christian Song do I NEED To Listen To?