How many fnaf songs do you know?

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Are you able to guess these fnaf songs? You probably can! I don't know what to put here lol- Putting things here is the probably one of the hardest things ever-

Ugh....another one T^T. I feel lonely does anyone want to become friends? Idk lol. Uh...yeah, enjoy the quiz I guess---Some of these songs are one of the best lol

Created by: XxVannySimpxX
  1. Listen close follow my instructions, There is no time for introductions, He was the one that made us, You'll be the one to save us, Underground welcome to the circus, Power down are you feeling nervous
  2. I, I understand, You want to play, But this is what I have to say your presence here, Fills me with fear that's the extent of my career I don't know why, You even try, To sing me your dumb lullaby no I can't flee, calamity is everywhere I turn
  3. All she wants to do is, wants to do is party all she wants to do is, wants to do is party bring out the cupcakes, bring out the fun bring out the birthday boy, come on everyone you think that you can hide, you think you can escape? Can't stop, won't stop
  4. Wish I lived in the present with the gift of my past mistakes but the future keeps luring in like a pack of snakes your sweet little eyes, your little smile is all I remember those fuzzy memories mess with my temper
  5. We're forced to be still and play the same songs we've known since that day an imposter took our life away now we're stuck here to decay
  6. You can hide you can run when I chase it's always fun when you circulate around the darkness that surrounds you cannot flee can't you see you and me can never leave tonight when we lunge at you ripping into your face
  7. So my flashlight's on, and stay up 'til dawn I got this headache and my life's on the line I felt like I won, but I wasn't done the nightmare repeats itself every time, Got to keep my calm, and carry on stay awake until the sun will shine but I'm not so strong, and they're not gone they're still out there to take what's left of mine
  8. He's been waiting abandoned and patient, So long (Long), Long (Long), A savage masked ghost story from the past, He roams (Roams), Roams (Roams)
  9. Turn the spotlight onto me, My body's ready, now begin! Now The purple rise, come to conquer all your cries, The Phantoms are the less your worries, so you better hurry, Just close the vents, crank the noise
  10. The show must go on, Hit the lights we're going till there's no pulse left, This masquerade of souls needs a victim won't you be our hopeless guest? But if it helps you can pretend it's make believe inside your head this nightmare's as real as it gets
  11. Come dance and we'll be prismatic, I'm not falling for all your tricks, Let's out on a show before the curtain falls, I won't take a bow, It's time our finale's now, This mangled freak show is where we end it all (Is where we start it all)
  12. Down the rabbit hole we saw you come in, Through the glass of our cages chained up where we live, Where we live, Please don't be afraid we're a little bent, Broken souls looking for a way to start again, Start again
  13. I really hate you, stop getting in my way i've lost my patience when are you gonna decay? I want to throw you out just like my broken TV if you come back once more it shall be painful, you'll see
  14. The souls found bodies, The bodies started to move, Some say they still walk, walk the halls staying from view, I got a secret that I am here to tell you that place is this very place and all the stories are true
  15. I'm not the bad guy, I'm just a bit surprising, It's not worth losing sleep, It's not worth analysing, There was a time, not so long ago at all, I was just like you, can you hear my call?
  16. Are you ready for some Fazbear pizza, Who's this working at the night shift, I don't know but, I don't think I like him, He's so cute, I can feel his heart racing, About time we had a brand new plaything, Another yellow belly balking like a chicken
  17. Left here to rot in our cells, We reinvented ourselves, But before we can escape, Our mask could use an upgrade, Our souls, prisoned and fractured, Fuse now, dread manufactured, Don't hold it against us please, When you're part of the machine
  18. I knew I was right to think I would find you over here, Well isn't it intriguing that, You seem to be just a little bit weary, Of Bon-Bon and me, Well there's no need, We know you want to deactivate us, But we just can't let that happen, Every night always, it never changes, But we can make accidents happen
  19. No one, sees him here I try to, Forget and enjoy what's near never to, Believe what's to come I never, Thought that would be the outcome, Finding a place full of life without pain, No cause to complain in a life that I played, But my eyes don't escape what I see inside, Every wall, every place
  20. Though we tried our best you seem to have beginner's luck, We came so close but we just couldn't make you one of us, Congratulations are deserved it's 6 AM you win, We'll see you here tomorrow night and do it all again
  21. Grab your only ammunition, your common sense and torchThe corridors are filled with fright when something's on the porch, How long will you last through these memories of the past? Since without a light to shine, the only soul that's left is yours

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Quiz topic: How many fnaf songs do I know?