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There are only a few people out there that know alot of correct song lyrics. Are you one of them? You can find out by taking this awsome quiz! it tests your skill in music! Good luck!

Do you think you know alot of song lyrics? well test yourself in this quiz! tell your friends and family to take this quiz! Enjoy! Good luck to you and everyone!

Created by: Katelyn

  1. "click on MTV so they can _______" (LAZY SONG BY BRUNO MARS)
  2. "Wake up in the mornin feelin _____" (TIC TOK BY KE$HA)
  3. "And i just cant keep livin' this way so starting today im ________" (NOT AFRAID BY EMINEM)
  4. "Step up fast and be the first girl to _____" (PARTY ROCK ANTHEM BY LMFAO)
  5. "Its a blacked out blur but _____" (LAST FRIDAY NIGHT BY KATY PERRY)
  6. "sometimes i wish someone out there will find me _______" (BOULAVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS BY GREEN DAY)
  7. "Yellow model chick, yellow bottle sippin, yellow lamborghini"
  8. "she wears high heels,i _____" (YOU BELONG WITH ME BY TAYLOR SWIFT)
  9. "Im buitiful in my way, cause god makes ______" (BORN THIS WAY BY LADY GAGA)
  10. "countin' 1-2-3 _____" (3 BY BRITNEY SPEARS)

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