How well do you know Little Boots lyrics?

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This quiz is a quiz about lyrics to some of Little Boot's songs. NOTE: I said SOME not ALL. If your favorite song isn't on this quiz, please do NOT complain about it in the comments section. Thank you.

On this quiz are the lyrics to Remedy, Symmetry, Earthquake, New in Town, Magical, Mathematics, Not Now, and Meddle (not necessarily in that order). Please leave good comments and (nicely) leave suggestions about how I could improve this quiz. Thanks.

Created by: Christs Child

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  1. From Remedy: temptation ____ but I ___
  2. What is the first line of the chorus to Remedy?
  3. From New In Town: well, no one ____
  4. From New In Town: I don't have alot of money but we'll be fine. I don't have ______
  5. From Earthquake: I used to make you ___, if ___
  6. From Earthquake: but ___ a ____ so ___
  7. From Meddle: you don't ___ you don't ___
  8. From Meddle: and you know ____
  9. From Mathematics: and by the time ____, the ____
  10. From Mathematics: and I'll ____ 'cause ____
  11. From Symmetry: you're the ____ and ___
  12. From Symmetry: so tell me ____
  13. From Magical: everything _____ when ____
  14. From Magical: feel your ___ in ___
  15. From Not Now: Woke up in ___ in ___
  16. From Not Now: Not now, not now baby, _____

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Little Boots lyrics?