Chat with One Direction!

HI!!BadGurl here!.....I dont know y i m doing this quiz but i pls comment and have a blash with One Direction!So,take this quiz and find out what the boys think of u!

Gosh!i dont know wht to write about this....quiz....i dont know.....ok do this...1.take the quiz......2.See the boys thoughts.....3.Comment below.....4.Wait for my next quiz...IF u Didnt take my last quizzes the pls do-Are u my next Mistake?,Your 1d Boyfriend!,Are u Hot or Cool? are my quizzes(i am bad in spelling!)

Created by: BadGirl_Goes_69
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  1. HI!!!*smiles*BadGirl here!!Ready??
  2. Me:Harry! Harry:*smiles*whts up babe?*winks* Me:nm....look whos here! Harry:Hi Y/N!How r u?
  3. ME:A[no urls] r cute! Zayn:Who me?*blushes* Me:no!Y/N! Zayn:Ouch!*frowns* Me:Talk to her! Zayn:Hi Y/N!I m Zayn!Where r u from?
  4. Me:Times for Niall! Niall:Hey Princess!*smiles* Me:Hi Niall!U have a visitor! Niall:*looks at u*hi Y/N!*blushes*Do u like me? ME:*laughs*LOVE IS IN THE AIR!
  5. ME:Louis,come here! Louis:hey! Me:Hi! Louis:who is this pretty girl? Me:This is Y/N! Louis:Hi!!Do u like carrots?
  6. Liam:BadGirl..did u see my...*looks at u*Who is she? Me:Mrs.Payne! Liam:What!!*smiles* Me:u liked that!*laughs* Liam:*blushes* no! Me:say hi! Liam:Hi!!
  7. Liam:bye!G2G! Me:OK!
  8. Me:bye!See u!
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