Do You Know One Direction?

There are a lot of people who THINK they know One Direction when really they don't have a clue... You can find out if you truly know One Direction of if you are just faking your way through.

Are YOU a fan of One Direction? In this quiz you will be put to the test to see if you are a true One Direction fan or if you are just pretending for a friend?

Created by: Kaylee
  1. Which member is afraid of spoons?
  2. Which member cannot swim?
  3. What member doesn't drink?
  4. What was Harry styles first band?
  5. What was the name of the boys most recent album (This should be easy)?
  6. Who came up with the band name "One Direction"
  7. Who was there "Sponser" on the X-Factor?
  8. What kind of bird does Louis Tomlinsion have with him in one of the tour diaries? (It is not a real bird it is a toy bird)?
  9. What was the name of pigeon that Louis had in one of the tour diaries?
  10. Which member does not have any tattoos?
  11. Where did Harry work before he went on the X-factor?

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