How Well Do You Know One Direction?

There are lots of people who call themselves One Direction fans, but only a few who are true Directioners. What constitutes a true Directioner, you might ask? A true Directioner is someone who follows One Direction every step of the way.

Are you a true Directioner? Just how well do you know your One Direction trivia? Until know, you could only wonder, but thanks to this quiz, you'll find out in just minutes!

Created by: Stephanie
  1. Who is Liam dating? (as of 2015)
  2. On what date did Zayn propose to Perrie?
  3. What vegetable did Louis say he likes girls to eat?
  4. The boys recently teased Niall about what false rumor?
  5. Which body part did Liam break while break dancing?
  6. Which of the following did Harry not tweet?
  7. What is Liam's dog's name and breed?
  8. Where were the boys when Zayn and Louis were caught smoking weed?
  9. What was the last song One Direction sang at the end of every Where We Are concert?
  10. What song did One Direction release as a free download?
  11. "Four" has reached #1 in how many countries?
  12. The first fight of 2015 occurred between Directioners and whose fandom?
  13. Which celebrity has Niall not been romantically linked to?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know One Direction?