How Well Do You Know 1d?

There are many people in the world who think of themselves as a true directioner. Are you one of them like that? If you think so then this is the quiz for you.

Are you one? Do you have enough One Direction knowledge? Do you know everything about them? If you think so then take this quiz and find out how much do you know about them?

Created by: zahabiya
  1. What is niall horans natural hair color?
  2. Who is the oldest memeber of the group?
  3. Who is one directions hair stylist?
  4. How many siblings does Louis tomlinson have?
  5. What show did 1d act on nickloadean?
  6. What is harrys moms name?
  7. On which show did Louis say that he liked girls who eat carrots?
  8. Which position did they end on on xfactor?
  9. What is One Direction 1 album name?
  10. Who is gemma to Harry?

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