Are You A True Directioner?

I KNOW I Am A True Directioner Because I Have Known Them For Over 4 Years!I Know Their Songs By Heart!I Have Heard Every Song They Have Ever Released!I Have A 1D Shirt!I Have All Of The Albums!I Am Waiting For Them To Release Their 4th Album!The Pount Is I Am A True Directioner,But Are You?

If You Choose To Comment,Put #NiallYourBeautiful Because Niall Does Not Think He Is Beautiful.I Want You Guys To Do This Because If Niall Was Ever To Find This Quiz (I Doubt It)He Would Know That We Think He Is Beautiful.

Created by: Kiersten 1D
  1. How Much Do You Love One Direction On A Scale From 0-Infinity And Beyond
  2. Who Is Your Favorite?
  3. Whats Niall's Lucky Number?
  4. When Year Did Liam First Audition?
  5. When Did One Direction Get Put Together?
  6. What Did One Direction Sing At Judges House?
  7. Niall Cried While Recording Moments.
  8. What Word Is Mising In This One Direction Song?I Said Hey!It's All Right!Does It Make You Feel -----?!Don't Look Back!Live You'r Life,Even If It's Only For Tonight!I Said Hey!It's Alright!Does It Make You Feel -----?!
  9. What Song Is This?Shut The Door.Turn The Light Off.I Wanna Be With You.I Wanna Feel You'r Love.I Wanna Lay Beside You.I Can Not Hide This Even Though I Try.
  10. What Is 1 Of One Direction's World Records?(1D Has 3 World Records.)
  11. Who Has NATURAL Blonde Hair?
  12. What Is Liam's Favorite Color?
  13. Will You Rate And Or Comment?
  14. (Skip This If You Chose Neither Or Rate.)When You Comment,Put #NiallYourBeauiful And Type A Message About How Beautiful He Is ,Because Niall Doesn't Think He Is Beautiful And I Want Him To Know He Is.

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Directioner?