Are You A Directioner(very difficult)

Everyone loves One Direction. Since the day they became a group on x-factor, they've had fans all over the world! Very few of the fans can be called directioners, however. A directioner is someone who knows the band very well and supports them no matter what. We do anything to represent the band and to express our love for them.

So, are you a directioner? Some questions on this quiz are pretty hard, but some are veerryy easy. DO NOT USE THE INTERNET TO FIND THE ANSWERS BECAUSE THAT IMMEDIATELY MAKES YOU A NON DIRECTIONER!

Created by: kianaa
  1. Let's start off easy : Who are the members?
  2. Easy: Where are they from?
  3. Let's start off with Harry. When's his birthday?
  4. Let's start off with Harry. When's his birthday?
  5. Where is Harry's hometown?
  6. What is Harry's favorite animal?
  7. Who's his bromance with?
  8. Who was Harry's first concert.
  9. What's Harry's favorite aftershave?
  10. Let's switch to Liam Payne. What's he afraid of?
  11. Liam's favorite color is...
  12. Let's switch to Louis Tomlinson. What's his astro sign
  13. What acting school did Louis go to?
  14. Who are Louis's grandparents?
  15. What's Louis's worst habit?
  16. Lets switch to Niall. What pet does he have
  17. What song did Niall audition with
  18. What's Niall's good luck charm
  19. What's Niall's favorite clothing store/ brand
  20. Let's switch to Zayn. What's his heritage
  21. What's Zayn`s favorite song?
  22. What's Zayn's favorite hobby?
  23. What Song does One Direction emotional
  24. Who's Your Favorite Member?

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