How Well Do You Know One Direction

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There are a lot of Directioners out there. But only a few are true Directioners. What is a Directioner? Take this quiz and then you'll find out if you are one.

Are YOU a Directioner? Do you have what it takes to show that you are the fan that can be taken on a date to Nando's with Niall,eat carrots with Lou and share Zayns mirror with him.

Created by: abbie1D__
  1. Lets start easy...what are their names?
  2. Finish the sentence 'I can see the perfect sky is _____'
  3. On X Factor what week was it when they sung 'Nobody Knows'.
  4. Finish the sentence 'brb,off to find the _____ with Harry'.
  5. Niall is left handed.
  6. Eleanor is the same age as Louis.
  7. Danielle's birthday is on 10th of June.
  8. Who crys when they watch the film 'Click'?
  9. Finish the sentence 'we break up then we make up _____'
  10. In the first video diary who was known as the leader?
  11. In the second video diary what does Liam say he likes in a girl?
  12. In the third video diary what is Louis?
  13. For how long to Directioners feel beautiful for?
  14. What are the bonus songs on the Up All Night Limited Edition album?
  15. Last question...if you could have one wish what would you wish for?

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