Selena Gomez Lyrics: Hit the Lights

Uh well random lyric time! o.o "It was saturday when I got that call far away from feeling tall. I know, I know, I know, what the truth is yeah. -----

-----I tried to look away from what you did. Heartache became my friend oh woah. You walked away from me maybe. I, would've never done the same." Bye. (:

Created by: BTRfreak
  1. Its the girl,
  2. Its the girl,
  3. Its the one,
  4. But you,
  5. Its the plane,
  6. The list of things,
  7. Its the city of love,
  8. But you're,
  9. Hit the lights,
  10. Lose yourself tonight,
  11. all you needed to know.

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