BTR Lyrics: Invisible

OH MY GOD THEY KILLED KENNY! :O YOU BAST---S! -__- HA! F--- YOU KYLE YOUR A PIECE OF SH--! *sigh, walks away* Kyle... I love you... LOL STAN IS DRUNK! XD

wooooaaahh o.o big words big words. so um I hate you, you hate me, lets get together and kill barney. wait that isn't right. bunny ears! eeeeppp! bye! haha!

Created by: BTRfreak

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  1. Do you ever wonder,
  2. And your world,
  3. Put yourself on the line, time after time, keep feeling inside like,
  4. Are you out of mind,
  5. But I wont let you fall I'll see you through them all,
  6. Oh, when the lights go down in the city,
  7. You're a star,
  8. And I'll be,
  9. Oh, you know,
  10. Oh, you know,
  11. agh too long so that's all you had to know.

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