Random Song 3: Hall Of Fame

Do it for your people, do it for your pride. Never gonna know if you never even try. Do it for your country, do it for your name. Cause there's gonna be a day when your standing in a hall of fame..

Be students, be teachers, be politicians, be preachers, be believers, be leaders, be astronauts, be champions, be truth seekers. YEAH. BAHBYE..........

Created by: BTRfreak
  1. Yeah, you could be the greatest, you could be the best; you could be the king kong banging on your chest.
  2. You can beat the world, you can beat the war, you can talk to God, go banging on his door.
  3. You can throw your hands up; you can be the clock.
  4. You can move a mountain; you can break rocks.
  5. You can be a master; don't wait for luck.
  6. Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself..
  7. Standing in a hall of fame, and the world's gonna know your name.
  8. Cause you burn with the brightest flame; and the world's gonna know your name, and you'll be on the walls in the hall of fame..
  9. You could go the distance, you could run the mile. You could walk straight through hell with a smile.
  10. You could be the hero, you could get the gold. Breaking all the records, thought never could be broke.

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