Jonas Brothers Lyrics: SOS

God damn it. Okay stupid 1,000,000 paragraph I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU. Sonic weee. South park awesome. Kyle Jew ginger from jersey. Stan smart ass. Cartman hilarious fat so. Keeenny got killed. Ya!!!

Puppy dog face. What? Idk. Okay then. My god just stfu. No. Why? :( Because I don't want too. Aw man... Fine but only for a few seconds. Minutes. Months. Years. DECADES.

Created by: BTRfreak
  1. I told you I made,
  2. You, me, and,
  3. That don't include your crazy friends,
  4. With awkward situations,
  5. Oh, this is an SOS don't wanna,
  6. This is the bottom line its true,
  7. Now my hearts in two,
  8. It's like I'm walking on broken glass,
  9. It's the call,
  10. All you had to kno...

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