How well do you know the Jonas Brothers?

Everyone one knows the young stars. Their everywhere! Miley Cyris, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and of course: The Jonas Brothers!!!

This quiz is about them, these three wonderful and amazing boyzzz. So take this quiz and you'll find out how much you know about these three. Remember to rate and comment!

Created by: Mysterioustic

  1. What is Kevin,Joe and Nick's little brothers name?
  2. Who is Kevin Paul Jonas named after?
  3. What is Joe's full name?
  4. What's Nick's other name?
  5. What band name did they have in mind before deciding on the name Jonas Brothers?
  6. Kevin's favourite movies is:
  7. Joe's favourite food is:
  8. What illness does Nick have?
  9. Who did Joe date, out of these women?
  10. What is Kevin's relationship status?
  11. What's Nick's favourite colour?
  12. The Jonas brothers has their own show named:
  13. The song:"A little bit longer" was written by:
  14. How was the band discovered?
  15. The last CD they recorded this far was named: Lines,_____ and Trying Times.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Jonas Brothers?