Do you know Beau Brooks?

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If your wondering who the hell Beau Brooks is well he's the member of 'The Janoskians' a band that really isn't a band lol. You can search them on....

--YouTube. And trust me, you won't regret it. Their funny as hell, and I'm being serious. Well, stop reading this! Take the damn quiz! Now! Go! Go! Go!

Created by: BTRfreak
  1. What's his full name?
  2. What's his nickname?
  3. What's his star sign?
  4. When was he born?
  5. He is half...?
  6. What are his hobbies?
  7. What's his favorite color?
  8. He has two brothers named...?
  9. What's his favorite food?
  10. What makes him happy?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Beau Brooks?