Which queen member are you?

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Do you like the band queen? Do you want to know which member of queen you are? If you do come do this quiz if you are curious to see if you are Freddie, roger, brian or John!

This quiz has 17 questions and asks questions for you to answer! Some are just random questions and some are questions that will see what queen member you are!

Created by: Tiana

  1. Are you a popular person in class?
  2. What animals do you like?
  3. What will u dress up in at a concert?
  4. What is cool to you?
  5. What do you do when something does not go as planned?
  6. Did you ever break up with someone before?
  7. In your group of friends are you on the younger side or the older side?
  8. What instrument does your mood feel like now?
  9. What are your songs about?
  10. If you want to become a singer/musician who will you get your inspiration from?
  11. Do you like the song “I’m in love with my car”?
  12. What month were you born in?
  13. Who do you hope you get?
  14. this is hard but who is your favourite
  15. Are you male of female
  16. Favourite song?
  17. Bye I hope you liked the quiz!

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Quiz topic: Which queen member am I?