JB Lyrics: Love Me

do you know JB's song Love Me? I know how you can find out. want me to tell you? eh. maybe later. okay, okay. all and I mean all you have to do is...

take this quiz. ya. that simple. ugh. guyz just don't read this. go. go ahead and take this quiz to proove if you know lyrics to this song. JB haters go fuk yourselves and get out. :)

Created by: BTRfreak

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  1. My friends say I'm a fool to them,
  2. Guess I'm just a sucker for love,
  3. My money is ours give you a little more because
  4. With me girl is where you belong just stay right here I promise my dear,
  5. Love love me say that you love me,
  6. Kiss me kiss me say that you miss me,
  7. Love me love me say that you love me,
  8. Kiss me kiss me say that you miss me,
  9. You try to tell me but,
  10. Cause they don't get to,
  11. A minute with you is worth more than a thousand days,
  12. Um ya... this song is 3 minutes long so part 2.

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