Do you know your song lyrics

do you think you know all the song lyrics? Many poeple say yes just to make themself proud. So give thos quiz a go and let see if your telling the truth

are you a miss/mr know all the lyrics? Do this quiz to find out if you are. In a few momants after you aer done with the quiz you will find the truth

Created by: Tsidilerato

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  1. If i was your boyfried i'd never let go
  2. Baby you got me sick........
  3. How ever do you want it
  4. To day is a new day
  5. .....And let all out....
  6. Sucker for love
  7. I cut my teeth on wedding ring
  8. Feel I like i'm livin a....
  9. i'll left you up.......
  10. baby you light my world like nobody else
  11. Baby can we fall one more time stop the tap and rewind,oh,and if you walk away i'll know out there theres nobody else it's gotta you be you

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Quiz topic: Do I know my song lyrics