Love knows no cruelty *part 2*

Ignore these paragraphs, because I have nothing to say or do because I'm bored and just want to finish, and nothing would be useful to you so with your permission, I would like to say goodbye!

I cant stand to fly, I'm not that naive. I'm just out to find, the better part of me. I don't knw what that song is called, but I like the lyrics. I cant stand to fly, I'm not that naive. I'm just looking for, cryptonite, on this one-way street. It's not easy, to be, me.

Created by: S_E_

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  1. "Tell me if you love me!" Jakes voice is everywhere. But then, it all stops. "I know what you are," He says, back on the couch. "You're a Fairie." You look in wonder. You exuse yourself to the bathroom and check your Ipod.
  2. "A Fairie posesses many magical skills. Skip ahead..." You go down the page and find some information. " If a fairie has human blood they are in danger of-" The internet goes out. "Come out, baby." Jake calls in.
  3. "I made tuna sandwiches to celebrates this weekend," He says. You eat, then find yourself in his arms. He hugs you tight, then lifts you, and carries you upstairs. "Love you." He sets you on the bed and you fall asleep.
  4. When you wake up you try to walk to the door, but you fall. Jake walks in. "You need your land legs to walk." He says. You look at your legs. You find yourself wearing a blue bikini. "What the-" You notice your legs. Your toes are webbed, and your legs have silver scales.
  5. "I'm turning you into a mermaid," Jake says. "Warlocks can do that." He picks you up and carries you to a Jeep.
  6. He stops driving at a beach. He carries you to a cave. Your legs are webbed, and your toes have disapeared. Jake throws you into the water, and all of a sudden you cant breath. You develope gills on the sides of your stomach. Your hair grows long and silvery. You are now a full mermaid.
  7. You pop your head up. As long as your stomach's underwater you're fine. Jake hands you a bottle. "This will turn you human." "Why did you make me a mermaid?" You ask him. You begin to drink. "Because it will make this sweeter." He smiles as you go limp.
  8. Jakes P.O.V.~ It was so easy! She just drank it! I'll enjoy her new state of mind as human later. This will be amazing. Last night, I drugged her tuna so she'd turn into a mermaid. Why wouldn't she love me?
  9. Your P.O.V.~ You can feel yourself slipping away. You watch helplessly as Jake gets in the water. He pins you to a wall. You see him pull you close and start kissing you.
  10. You wrap your tail around his legs. You feel your tounges entwine in your mouthes. You're up against the sand now.
  11. He pulls you out, and your legs come back. You seem to apear home. You cuddle him, but then you see a teddy bear you used to never leave the house without. You snap out of it, and stand in the corner of the room...

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