1D Love, Part One

This is a quiz about 1D and your love for them. You can fall in love with Louis in Part one, Niall in Part two, and who knows in part three? Take this to find out.

Who will YOU fall for? Will it be Louis? Or will it be Niall? What about the rest? Can you feel the suspense? Can you feel my dead thumbs? This test shows a drama and love story between a regular girl and a popular boy band.

Created by: Mariel

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  1. Here is the info: Your name is Maia and you live in Los Angeles with your Mom and Dad. And the best part is that you live NEAR 1D's hangout!
  2. You wake up from your sleep to see your dog named Prince(a boy) licking amd chewing your book report that was due that very day. "Prince! Bad boy!" You sigh as you carry Prince to the backyard, after you blowdry your book report.
  3. "Maia! Time for breakfast!" Your parents yell as you try to get back to sleep. "Dahhhh!! When will it end!?!?!?" You yelled in your head. As you walk downstairs your parents tell you that breakfast is bacon and eggs. "Yay, my favorite." You said sarcastically sinch your dad hsd always burnt the bacon and oversalted the eggs.
  4. You get to school and you are late for class as you are running down the stairs and through the hallways to first period. You run closer to the door when Louis accedentally opens the door... on your face. He was going to the bathroom
  5. "Are you okay? Sorry!" Louis says as you wake up in the nurse's office. "Wha wha??" You say as you look around you. "Oh good your okay. "Oh man where are my manners, my name is Louis." "My name is Maia, and what happened? Why am I here?" "I opened the door on your face, thats what." "Wait, you.... your... L..L.. Louis from 1D!" You start to whisper scream in front of Louis. "Shhhhhh!!! Louis yells as he covers your mouth. I'm undercover! See the glasses? Please keep this between us, or fangirls will come racing up to me and the band!" He whisper yells. You take his hand off of your mouth and promise, as you say "Where is the rest of the band?" You ask. "Theyre still undercover." He answers.
  6. After your conversation with Louis, you walk out of the office with the undercover side of Louis to Science class. You sit next to each other at lunch, and u guys become friends. At the end of the day, he walks you home and goes back with the band. You walk in the house while your mom asks how your day was. "It was okay. I got a new friend." "Whats their name?" Your mom asks. "Lou-- I mean Dan." You say to your mom. Dan was the name Louis used. "Thats nice dear."your mom says as you walk up to your room. The next day was Friday, no homework.
  7. You get to school and you see undercover Niall talking to Louis, of course. You eavesdrop behind the fountain on them. "Yeah, I made a friend... her name is Maia" Louis says. "Oh dang shes not gonna expose us, will she?" Niall worriddly asked. "No! Shes my friend and she promised!" Louis yelled. "Ok, ok calm down!" Niall whisper yelled. "Sorry, its just that I really like her." Louis confesses. "Wha whattt!?!?!" You accedentally blurted out. Luckily, Louis noticed you but didnt hear what you said. "Oh hey Maia. This is my friend "Max" (Niall). "Max",this is Maia." "Hi Maia, Louis has told me so much about you, and the fact that he--" "Hahaha thats enough information, "Max". "Ok.." you say.
  8. Lol... cliffhanger. No. Not rick rolled. Whats gonna happen in the next story? Heres a hint: Niall and Louis might be the worst of friends, and before that Louis will do something interesting... a new part on every Saturday but in New Zealand its Sunday!
  9. Lol kidding about the cliffhanger, I have to do 12 question for you, but dead thumbs for me. Im just gonna ask about you. They have no effect.
  10. Whats your favorite tv show?
  11. Wats your fave drink

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