Love knows no cruelty *part 1*

In this story you're being hunted by a creepy guy who loves you. Your name is Luna, and you're a 13 year old who is eager to finish the shcool year, and the weirdo Jake.

Luna: 13, 7th grader. Shoulder length light blue hair. Blue eyes. Being stalked. Jake: 15, 9th grader. Shaggy brown hair. Gray eyes. Creepy stalker. Carrie: 13, 7th grader. Curly red hair to below the ears. Green eyes. Over obsesive talker.

Created by: S_E_

  1. You sit in your bedroom, laying on your bed with your legs up against the wall. You are so bored. You hate being grounded, so you decide to call you best friend Carrie.
  2. Lazily, you flip open your cell, and go through your five contacts one by one. "Mom.. Dad.. Shcool.. Lessa.. Carrie," You say tiredly. The phone rings. The call gets dropped.
  3. The thunder outside rumbles, the rain rolls down your windows, the power flickers off.
  4. You suddenly sit up. It's too quiet. Your sister Lessa's room is empty. You creep downstairs. "Mom, Dad?" You call, to no avail. As you reach the landing, you see a dark figure.
  5. As you go to try to find a way out, he see's you, and turns around, holding you close. It's a kid who goes to your school. He's two years older than you. "Hello Luna," He whispers in your ear.
  6. You lean back, but you dont remember telling your body to. He carries you upstairs to your room, and sits you both on your bed. "They're safe.." He says, dragging a finger down your arm. "And I'll be back, sweetheart." He leaves the room, and everything swirls.
  7. You wake up. "That was one messed up dream...." You say. You've never thought about him that way before. You get ready, and grab a pop tart. You walk down the street to Carrie's house, where she joins you. "You didn't call, are you okay?" She asks immedeatly. You tell her about the power going out, and about the dream. "Really, Lulu? But he's so... creepy." "Care, it's true. I just had a creepy dream." After all, your family's back. "He said he'd be back, though."
  8. As you reach your locker, Carrie walks away, and you hear footsteps behind you. The rest of the hallway is empty. You turn around. "What do you want from me, Jake?" He comes in close. "Oh, silly girl. What I want is simple." He whispers in your ear. "I want your love." He walks down the hall, and you go to class.
  9. "I swear Carrie," you say walking home. "He's a creep who spies on seventh graders." You reach Carries house. "Bye, see you monday." She calls. Thats right, she and your parents -sepratly- are going away. You get home and find a note saying your parents left.
  10. When Lessa gets home she says she'll be at a friends house this weekend, and leaves. You wonder what Jake will do next.
  11. "I'm glad you asked," he said, as if on cue. "I have two nights alone with you," he says with a grin. "Wich I will enjoy." All of a sudden you're sitting on the couch, cuddled up with him. "Do you love me?" He asks. You dont reply, you just struggle to get away.
  12. "Let me repeat that." Now you're on a cliff, and he is holding you like he wants to kiss you. He'll throw you off if you say no, but...

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