Love knows no cruelty (part 3)

Luna and Jake are back! But ths time, Luna might just be in over her head. Jake is spreading lies, and now nobody seems to like her, not even Carrie or her family! Then Melody shows up. And she might just be able to help.

Silver, I know how much you like this series, and you didn't give me a character, so you get Melody! I'll tell you about her in the rp, so everybody doesn't find out her secret.

Created by: S_E_
  1. Recap: He pulls you out, and your legs reapear. You're suddenly home, and you spot a teddy bear, and snap out of it, backing into a corner.
  2. "What are you?" You ask, your hands shaking. "Oh, Lu." He says, picking up a candke holder and tossing it in his hand. "You should've loved me." He hits you in the head, and everything goes black.
  3. When you wake up, your mom and Dad are standing over you. "You have a fifteen year-old boyfriend?" Your mom asks, with a look of disgust on her face. "You're too young. And you were trying to- ugghh." Your mom shudders. "If you really love him, move out. You're a bad influence for Alyssa.
  4. You get ready for school, and aparently everybody's heard Jake's lies. Melody from the school paper comes up to you. "Nobody here wants to sit near you today," She blabbers off, walking with you to class. "Not even Carrie. So I'm gonna sit with you in every class, to get the true story." You dont listen, but watch Jake as he comes up to you, and pulls you close. "You're moving in with me now, I guess." "Stay away from me Jake. I'm moving in with Carrie's family." You can feel Carrie stare at you, and when you turn to look at her, she looks away. "I don't think so..." Jake says, walking off to class.
  5. After school, you find a bag f clothes and belonginhs on the sidewalk. Your mom stares at you, and you finally relize there's nowhere to go. You try caling Melody, but the line's busy. Reluctantly, you call Jake. "Hey sweetheart!" He says. "Just come pick me up." You say before hanging up. Soon Jake's truck is here, and he drives you to his apartment. "You dont have a license." "So?" "You cant own an apartment." "My dad's out alot." He grins at you, and pulls into a cracked driveway. "Casa del love," He smirks, leading you to a trailor.
  6. Jake shows you to an old couch. "C'mon, sit." He sits on the couch andyou soon find his arm around you. "I'm a scorcerer," He says. "And you're a Fairy." He smiles. "How fun."
  7. Jake uses his magic to strip you of anything that could be used against him. Your phone, your knife, even your teddy bear. Then, he lockes the trailer. "Come here, dolly." He pulls you in tight. "Good dolly," He says, leading you to the bedroom. "Jake? J-Jake! Stop it." You say, as he hugs you tight and rolls onto the bed. "Get off me!" You shout as he tries to kiss you.
  8. All of a sudden, someone pounds on the door. Jake goes to answer it, and Melody stands outside, only she's dressed in a beautiful dress. "Stand down, warlock!"
  9. Indeed, it is in fact, a clifhanger.
  10. And to my friend, Silvernote13, Melody's your character. I named her for Silver Melody.

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