Do you know BigTimeRush's lyrics?(Part 2)

Do you know BTR's lyrics?Well find out by taking this quiz!I might make part 3 if I miss any songs which I probably missed like 3 or 4.So take it!I freakin dare you!

Do you know there lyrics?Well take it and find out!Oh btw BTR fans if I miss any of there songs tell me in the comments!Okay!Now take this already!I'm waiting!xD

Created by: BTRfreak
  1. BigTime:"Hey,hey listen to your heart now,hey,hey______".
  2. OhYeah:"So tell me who i'm suppose to be_____".
  3. Elavate:"Elavate a little higher,let's party in the sky and celebrate_____".
  4. CoverGirl:"And why won't you believe me when I say that to me_____".
  5. Intermission:"Curtains open up to see,spotlight shines on you and me tonight____".
  6. I Know You Know:"Maybe this can be the line.That starts the whole story.Maybe you can be the one____".
  7. You're Not Alone:"I bet you didn't notice,first time your heart was broken___".
  8. Giant Turd(Lol,I don't know if this counts as a BTR song)"Oh your such a turd,oh yeah a giant turd,you look like a turd___".
  9. Mom Song:"Mom here's a card just for you.A card that says thanks to all that you do.You know you're____".
  10. Okay,I think that's all.Btw BTR fans,if I missed any songs tell me in the comments!

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Quiz topic: Do I know BigTimeRush's lyrics?(Part 2)