Do you know the lyrics? ~ Fearless

"Fearless" is by the artist Olivia Holt. (idk if she's an artist or not because she's an actor on Disney Channel (which sucks now) she's an okay singer I just like the song)

anyway, if you think you know this song enough to take the quiz, go right ahead! if you don't even know what this song is, you can take it if you want!

Created by: BTRfreak
  1. You used to make my heart
  2. Just the thought of
  3. You used to be a cold wind
  4. But I won't take if anymore
  5. I'm stuck in your
  6. I'm back from
  7. Got you running
  8. I'm fearless; I'm callin' you out
  9. Don't you come around
  10. I've got the upper hand now

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Quiz topic: Do I know the lyrics? ~ Fearless