Ross Lynch Lyrics: Better Together

Do you know Ross Lynch song called Better Together? You can find out in a few minutes! By... taking this quiz below! Come on! GO! Ya, ya, you getting it...

...Maybe. Dude. I'm getting bored. Aren't you? I hope you are. :/ Ya. Okay. Okay. EH! Wait was I screaming eh? Or was that a kinda or something. YES! BYE!

Created by: BTRfreak
  1. Sometimes I get in my own way,
  2. Your words, they're always just in time,
  3. Like, you're not even trying,
  4. Without each other,
  5. Hey, I'll always stay,
  6. Cause we're better together,
  7. We'll make it through whatever,
  8. Like the waves need the sand to crash on,
  9. You're the bright side of everyday,
  10. Hey I will always stay,
  11. Hey there's no other way,
  12. Cause we're better together.

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