What element are you?

Okay so there are four elements (As I [hope] you know) and everyone represents one of them. My quiz here will tell you what one you represent based on your answers. Sorry if you don't like your result :P

Of course, the age and gender questions don't count against you. Neither do my rate and comment ones at the end of the wuiz, but the very last one does. The Part _: ___ Questions do count, too.

Created by: Alison :)
  1. Part A: Basic Info
  2. What's your favorite color group out of the following?
  3. Age?
  4. Hair color?
  5. Part B: Personality
  6. Song?
  7. Temperature?
  8. Sports?
  9. Hobby?
  10. Time of Day?
  11. Part C: School
  12. Signature?
  13. Grades?
  14. Subject?
  15. School is ____
  16. Part D: Other
  17. Pick?
  18. Rate?
  19. Comment?
  20. Have a good day!

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Quiz topic: What element am I?