Are you Gardner?

There are few people who truely ARE gardner.Try this quiz to find out if you are you of those few. It only takes a few minutes. Wow you really could be.-xoxoxoxo

Are YOU Gardner? Do you have the brain power to qualify as gardner?take this great quiz, In a few minutes you'll find out.You could be!!!!Serisouly you really could be!-xoxoxoxo SWWET!

Created by: Emilyy of this site
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  1. Whats the movies called?
  2. What house recently burnt down?
  3. Whats the middle schools name?
  4. Most teenagers hangout...
  5. Do you know what g-vegas means?
  6. Why is the old victorian house in g-vegas so famous?
  7. What are we the home of?
  8. What is our city famous for?
  9. What do people call the bumb who hangs out near D&D's?
  10. Where is the new library?
  11. Where are the Iron Stairs

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Quiz topic: Am I Gardner?