How Gardner, MA RU

every time i think of idiots i think of idiots some of those idiots are dumb some are stupid but most are just idiots so the next time you think think of idiots it get funny

some people think of me some dont but when i am having sex i think of you so now that you have my naked body in your head play around with it and everybody wang chung tonight

Created by: Adam

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  1. How do we say Gardner
  2. The old movie theatre is
  3. The big chair is in front of
  4. Gardner used to be
  5. Gardner was involved in the battle of Lexington and Concord
  6. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in Gardner
  7. Gardner is in which county
  8. What movie was filmed at Blue Moon Diner next to O'neils
  9. Which famous football player played for the Wildcats
  10. What furniture company was started here

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