How Well Do You Know Me?

This quiz is all about me. I want to know how well you know me. I can be pretty mysterious, but in reality, I'm an open book if you only ask the right questions. Let's see how well you score.

Don't think I'm completely self-absorbed. It's just a test to see if my friends are paying attention. Everyone likes to think they make a lasting impression, and I'm no different.

Created by: Susan
  1. What's my favorite color? Come on. I've done enough surveys for you to know this by now.
  2. What's my favorite physical feature of the opposite sex?
  3. What's my favorite food?
  4. What was my major in college?
  5. What's my alcoholic beverage of choice?
  6. Who's my favorite actor?
  7. Who's my favorite band?
  8. If I could choose a different career, what would I be?
  9. Who's my favorite author?
  10. Where's the one place I want to visit before I die?
  11. What's my favorite movie?
  12. What's my favorite sport?
  13. What's my true hair color?
  14. What's my favorite hobby?
  15. What's my favorite city?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me?