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  • My crush knows I liked him for long time! We talk through Instagram last summer break but now (2020) I have no social media and i texted him for the first time and he was surprised how I got it and why Im texting him! ( my friend gave it to me...he asked my guy friend how I got his phones number) but I would look at him at lunch he would look at me {he could be close to me or really far } and he would look back and kee starring at me before I blush and look away and thats the only thing we do! I am to scared to talk to him.. or ...even say hi! It sometimes terrifies me, idk why!! Last time I walked pass him in breakfast and one of his friends looked T me mad then tapped on him (my crush) . The. My crush looked at me but I was walking so I didnt see him! (Btw my friend told me that was in the back of me walking)

    He is in ALC and I dont see him anymore but I think of him all the time especially in lunch because thats the only time I would be able to see him (in the hallways 2)! Im confused and sad he popular so why would he ever like ME? Does my name come out in your mind? Do you even think of least once?

  • My crush is my best friend but Dayum she flirts with me, she also loves to ask me what having a crush is like cause apparently shes never had one. She also says "I love you" without the nl]o homo a lot,

  • Its true me and My crush are just friends

  • Sadly this is true My crush HATES ME!

  • aww, just friends...but i took some others they all said yes and my friends agreed with the other qi=uizzes, so dont count on it!

  • great quiz!

  • i dont know if i believe or not...but other question are the same of his movements..

  • erm....he might like me??

  • i dont want to stay friends i like him waay too much!!!

    not fair

  • i got DEFINITLEY. idk why i took it, i already knew..


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