Does Your Crush Like You?

You like this person, but do they like you? How are you supposed to know? You really don't feel like getting rejected if you should ask them out, so you need to figure out if they like you before you do that. But how do you figure out if they like you?

Actually, it's really simple. You read their signs. If you'd rather find out right now, though, then take this handy quiz. It asks you a lot of simple questions about your crush, and you will probably know whether this little crush is going to work out before you're even done!

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
How often does your crush flirt with you?
Every time they see me
Does s/he ever try to set you up with his/her friends?
No, because all his/her friends hate me
The last time you flirted with him/her, s/he:
Flirted with you, too
Just smiled at you
Did nothing. S/he didn't even look at me.
I never flirt with him/her because I'm afraid of what s/he'll say back.
Do his/her friends ever tease you that s/he likes you?
His/her friends don't even know I exist.
If s/he sees you at a football game, s/he:
Calls out your name and waves you over to sit with him/her
Smiles at you and then turns his/her attention back to his/her friends
Pretends not to notice you
The last time s/he called you was to say:
"Are you going to the dance on Saturday night?"
"When is our English essay due?"
S/he's never called me before.
Has s/he ever been to your house?
Yes. S/he made a surprise visit, and we talked for a long time.
Yes, but only because s/he needed to pick up an assignment
If s/he runs into you at the mall, s/he:
Comes up to you and asks if you and your friends want to see a movie with him/her and his/her friends
Says hi, talks to you for a few minutes, and then keeps shopping with his/her friends
Ducks his/her head and walks away quickly
How does s/he act around you?
S/he teases you sometimes and is really nice to you sometimes
S/he is really friendly towards you but isn't that flirtatious towards you
S/he ignores you most of the time, and when s/he does talk to you, it's usually a question about school
Does s/he make an effort to be nice to your friends?
Only with some of my friends
How often does s/he point out how hot other people look around you?
All the time
When you tell him/her a dirty joke, s/he:
Smirks and rolls his/her eyes
Does nothing
If you call him/her, s/he:
Talks to you for a long time until s/he realizes how late it is and then spends 15 minutes telling you goodbye
Talks to you, but after ten minutes s/he says s/he has to go, because s/he has homework
Answers you with one word and makes an excuse to get off the phone as soon as s/he can
I've never called him/her.

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