Do You Have A Secret Crush?

There are romantic people, less-romantic people and even extreme romantic people! What is romance? You see, it's relationship between a boy and a girl.

Do YOU have a crush? Do you have the right to have a crush? You can only dream about having a crush. But taking this quiz, it will make your crush dreams come true!

Created by: Sassy Cheerleader
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  1. You have a secret admirer letter in your locker after lunch break. Who do you think sent the letter?
  2. If you could do something with a guy, what would you do?
  3. You give the greatest advice. Just then, a cute guy/girl comes to you to ask you for some advice. What's your reaction?
  4. A guy/girl asked you out. Where would you go?
  5. You just had a huge fight with that guy/girl you like. What's your first reaction?
  6. You share the same talents with your crush. True/False?
  7. You go out for your date wearing...
  8. It's your crush's b-day. What would you get for him/her?
  9. Your BFF had a huge fight with her crush. Your advice is...
  10. You are in sports practice. You see your crush at one of the seats. You..

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Quiz topic: Do I Have A Secret Crush?