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  • gather the courage to tell him.. you can't just sit around and wait for something to happen. make a move, ask him to go to the movies with you & some friends first.. dont go up to him & be like oh i loveee you! take it slow. see his reactions.

  • I'm a guy. One of my buddies knows someone who likes me, but she made him promise not to say who she is. I can't figure out who it is. I want to talk to her!

  • ansa89, i had the exact same problem. i made a lot of ovbious hints, and 2 be honest, was a stalker. then, finally, i asked for his cell #, and i told him while we were texting. u could do tht 2!

  • I got 86%. Pretty good.

  • 92%!ya!i have a crush in my class and he doesnt know...tee hee!my friend is telling me to write him a note that says:Do you like me or not?

    Never happening!well..mab ye.

  • ooooooookay. a little weird. got 83%. and i have a crush on a boy in my class, but i'm too shy to tell him. what should i do?!


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