Do you have a chance with your crush?

A lot of people have crushes, but couldn't bear the thought of confessing their feelings for them. They just can't throw themselves out there knowing that their crush may not feel the same way.

Do you have a crush right now? Well if you do, and you want to know if you and your crush will ever get together...take this quiz! It is quick, and will give you a definite answer.

Created by: lawrencevegas
  1. Does your crush even know that you exist?
  2. Does your crush ever text or call you first? Ever come up to talk to you, or do you have to do everything.
  3. Is your crush, or has your crush dated one of you close friends?
  4. Is your crush out of your league?
  5. Do you have what it takes to spill your guts?
  6. Do you believe in fate?
  7. Where are you on your crushes friends list?
  8. Have you dated one of your crushes friends?
  9. How often do you and your crush hang out?
  10. Which of the following would you do if you had to right now?

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