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  • I just confessed to my crush today that I liked him and all and I will get an answer tomorrow. My quiz said 90% that my crush liked me back.

    lovebird9667 Feb 14 '19, 8:23PM
  • Weird. I got an 82% yes and 0% no (not that I'm complaining. It's just I figured the other 18% would be no) Overall, I liked the quiz.

    The Art of Love May 7 '17, 12:08PM
  • @bloody crow Pareach!

    banaaana Jun 15 '16, 10:27AM
  • guys stop all the chain mail. It's really irrtating and it doesn't work (I'm not stupid). Spread this message to every quiz you can. No reqrd (besides chain mail stopping) no bad consequences, Spread the Word. And spread the Word of God

    Bloody Crow Apr 20 '16, 5:17AM
  • Huh? I said I don't even know him. That doesn't really make sense? Why would he like me? We haven't even talked.

    User Jan 28 '16, 4:24AM
  • My crush likes me as a friend. I don't want to be just friends with him. He was in my band class but I had to switch band classes.

    19danaennis Jan 8 '16, 3:49PM
  • this is so rigged

    thelonelygirl Oct 27 '15, 4:37AM
  • 90%. My crush knows I like her and all, and she likes me too.

    Californiaborn May 7 '15, 8:54AM
  • I got 80% and I'm very satisfied! I love this girl so much, I'd do anything of her!

    Juan_villanueva Apr 19 '15, 3:04AM
  • I got 80% and I'm very satisfied! I love this girl so much! I will do anything for her!

    Juan_villanueva Apr 19 '15, 3:03AM
  • Well It says 87% but I do not think it is accurate....

    The Grey Archer Apr 15 '15, 1:01PM
  • I got 82%, but I know he likes my best friend. :(

    Sad person 717 Apr 10 '15, 6:09PM
  • 90% Still not sure about confessing though. Don't wanna ruin our friendship...

    hurrcan Mar 12 '15, 5:40PM
  • 86%! I guess it's good. My crush is 14 I'm 12.We have the SAME SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS!

    Say wha Feb 1 '15, 12:01AM
  • I got 86%

    RenegadeOnTheRun Nov 27 '14, 10:16PM
  • 1645

    doors May 28 '14, 2:52PM
  • So i hate theese quizes cuz like you dont get the answrts

    Brianlover1 May 5 '14, 5:27PM
  • So hey guys its brianlover1and i know it sucks when you like your crush butyour crush but his BFF likes you and your friend likes your crushes BFF and your crush likes your friend uggg a big circle of disaster but just msn up and talk to your crush and tell him how you feel trust me it will work

    Brianlover1 May 5 '14, 5:25PM
  • Ok so my crush found out i like him from my loud mouth mexican b---- friend who after this is no longer my friend but anyways like now that he knowd all he does is ignor me even more idk what to do i feel like hes a jerk but hes not i love him so much hes a sweatheart i love my Brian.........

    Brianlover1 May 5 '14, 5:20PM
  • Wow hav got 84% we wre ment 2 be

    akawizzy lamar Apr 30 '14, 11:18AM
  • Omi yes I got a 77 it means me and my crush are meant to be and we like each other! He even asked me out and we are going to have a dance. Squeals,blushes.

    Layla45 Apr 23 '14, 9:57PM
  • I got 74% that means its a yes, thank you so much now I have hope and confidence.God really works in mysterious ways.

    Keemenao Apr 6 '14, 5:39PM

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