The Flirt Game for Girls Part 7

Part 7 of The Flirt Game for Girls is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! excited you should be now it's goona be a long hot shcool year with the hot guys.

Ok now this is gonna be a so totally awesome shcool year with, hot, and oh so cute guys ready, it's gonna so be a blast girl give it your all.!:) ;);D

Created by: coolkid

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  1. School started a week ago and now they're doing sign ups for cheerleading squard and football Kelli signed herself, you and Amy up for it, while Trent and Brandon sign up for football and become the stars. Ready for fun?
  2. You, Amy and Kelli are standing in the halls when the cheer coach comes and tells everyone who got picked for cheerleading,"Kelli, Amy, ___(You), Diana, and Gerti. Kelli looks pale sudenly and whispers to you "Gerti the goth girl" Trent comes in and opens his locker all the girls squeel, he comes over to you and asks you if you wanna go to the movies with him.
  3. You ask what movie and he says a cool action movie thats coming out "I got two tickets for opening night" he says you scream and...
  4. You notice Matt in the corner sitting by himself reading you go over to him and ask why he didn't try out for the football team "I'm trying out for the comics in the news paper" he tells you and asks you if you want to go out to dinner just you and him.
  5. He says that the new cafe has really good food and that's were you'll go
  6. In PE You're doing dances everyone like eeeeeew but the teacher insists you pick a partner Brandon comes over to you and asks to dance accept
  7. Duing the dance Brandon asks you if you want to go to a concert he hears Taylor Swift is coming.
  8. When you're at home Jake comes over with some flowers "I didn't know if you wanted flowers or chocolate so I pciked these. He hands you a vase of pretty little pink ones. and you
  9. Jake asks you out on a date at the at a fair coming up. accept
  10. bye

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