The Flirt Game for Girls Part 6

Hi gal pals this time around it's gonna be awesome I hope you are ready to go cuz you'd beter it's gonna get hot in here any way have fun with my quiz.

Which guy do you chose to flirt with ? Who do you love? What type of guy is for you? find out in my awesome quiz to see who is your dream dude!!!!!!!!!

Created by: coolkid

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  1. After the party Jake insists on walking you home tonight. it's really dark and you don't trust him actully he makes you nervous any way he walks you home and in a dark ally he pulls you over to him mouth to mouth and kisses you smack on the lips.
  2. Jake says he just had to do that and he loves you more than anything then you ask him why he's been stalking you he says "I'm haven't ever stalked you I just saw you at the gym one day and well I fell in love with you, Im very sorry ____" you say ...
  3. When Jake drops you off you go to bed the next day you go to Amy's house to pick her up for shopping at the mall for school clothes with Kelli. Matt opens the door and says Amy's still getting ready he pulls out a note book and flips through the pages "I know that poems somewhere" he says
  4. "Ok here it is, um ____ sit down here" he reads the poem "Oh my darling bright and fair your eyes so lvely standing there I'd love to kiss your lips so red for I dream of you all night in bed. what do you think" he blushes and leans forward to kiss you
  5. When you go to the mall Kelli tells you to meet her at the food court Amy goes to the restroom and you see Brandon make his way through the crowd "Um ____ hi I knew I'd see you here, can I talk to you in private" "where's private it's a mall" "Ok close your eyes then" when you close your eyes Brandon and you kiss
  6. " I sorta like you and my friend and I each made you a cd here's mine I hope you like it"
  7. Brandon says he has to go when Amy comes back and Kelli comes a minet later you go to JC Penny first and you try on a sproty mini skirt to wear. "Wow ___ you look awesome" Amy and Kelli say all of you by a mini skirt in your favorite colors when your at the check out Trent comes up to you and asks you if he could help carry your bags
  8. Trent takes you behind some clothes and kisses you. now you
  9. You and the girls are eating lunch and Amy asks you and Kelli whcih boy you like you say "I kinda like
  10. Now I have one more question whats your favorite disney show?

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