The Flirt Game for Girls Part 5. 7 Minets in heaven

Hi gal pal I know you've probably played the game 7 minets in heaven but now you can play a toally different version of it my style your results are at the end of the quiz so enjoy.

Oh pump up the party and enjoy this quiz it rocks girl. Yeah huh yeah huh goooooooooooooooooooooooooo Girls sorry that wuz totally random to fill up this space

Created by: coolkid

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  1. You got invited to your friend Kelli's back to school party everyone is invited (exsept for the nerds) exsept your gonna play a teen like game of seven minets in heaven.and she invited Trent, Brandon, Jake, and Matt. excited now
  2. You call Keli and she says she invited three girls and four boys the girls are, Amy,you and Diana. you ask her who she likes out of the boys and she says she dosn't know yet now she asks you to pick out a cool dress at the mall with the other girls she invited. attend?
  3. Now you wear a hot pink dress with spgettie straps and notice that all the guys are wearing tuxes with thier hair combed back who do you think looks cute?
  4. You're talking to Amy and notice Diana is staring at Trent who (along with the other guys) is starring at you. what do you think
  5. Amy goes to get some punch and Trent comes over to you and asks you what your birthstone is but is interrupted by Diana coming over and talking. why do you think he asked you that question
  6. Diana and Trent go onto the balcony and Amy comes vack with a glass of punch in each hand (one for you and one for her) and she asks you which boy you like. You say...
  7. Now Brandon comes over to you and just as Kelli turns on the music he asks you to dance to Taylor Swift's son "Love Story" acsept
  8. You acept his invitaion (Sorry if u didnt say yes) and you two dance cool new dances and you learn that Brandon knows all the latest moves
  9. After the song ends Brandon asks you if you have ever played soccer with a buch of high schoolers before and he says they play rough,really rough and he got kicked in the face. you say
  10. Trent calls Brandon over to talk about video game cheats and Matt nervously talks to you and asks you if you think he'd be right for Selena Gomez. You say...
  11. now you notice Jake is starring at you from across the room you get an icy cold feeling in you now...

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