To singin234, my sister {Aria's}

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This is for singin234. She's a really good friend, a sister, a shoulder, a smile, a rainbow, my hero. You're my herooooo (: Yay! ^_____^ You are awesome singin234

We sign our cards and letters BFF You've got a million ways to make me laugh You're lookin' out for me; you've got my back It's so good to have you around You know the secrets I could never tell And when I'm quiet you break through my shell Don't feel the need to do a rebel yell Cause you keep my feet on the ground

Created by: Aria

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  1. Hi there. My name is Aria and I have a few things to say to singin234. Please listen up.
  2. *Ahem* Dear singin234, you may not think you are loved, you may think you're alone but turn around and you'll see me. I'll always be here. Always..Like Severus Snape ALWAYS loved Lily Potter.
  3. singin234, you are always welcome to come to me with anything. You are my sister. If you're sad, I'll light up your world like nobody else, if you're angry, i'll take off that locket that's possessing you. If you're lonely, i'd walk a thousand miles if i could just see you, today cuz we're all in this together (:
  4. I understand your pain better than anyone else, i feel it. It's hurting me inside, knowing that you cryyyy...Oh. You may not know, but I'm your friend, i'll be here till the very end. I'll stand side by side with youuuu, just know that i'll be true. Trust in me, believe in me. I'm your shoulder, you can cry on me, i'm your clown, you can make fun of me. I'm your other side, your sister.
  5. No one should wipe a smile off your face. Even when you're down, you're beautiful. You're YOU. Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe, you don't know ow ow, you don't know you're beautiful cuz you're amazing just the way you are, and when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while, cuz you're amazinggg...Just the way you are and when the waves are flooding the shore and I can't find my way home anymore, that's when I, I I i look at you but who says, who says you're not perfect, who's says you're not worth it, who says you're the only one's that hurting, trust me, that's a person's beautiful, who says's you're not pretty, who says you're not beautiful who says...
  6. But when you're gone, the pieces of my heart WILL miss you, when you're gone, the face i came to know WILL miss too but we're all in this together so don't leave. Now we know, even the greatest of heros, have their moments of compromise, you're beautiful, you're beautiful it's true. I'll remember what you did for me, singin234.
  7. Everyone has problems, but you don't deserve those problems. You are one of the nicest people I have met, and without you, my day won't be complete. You are a very dear friend and sister to me. Please don't hurt yourself or do anything ridiculous. YOU.ARE.LOVED.
  8. I'm serious. Even if it's over the internet, we all care about you. Know that. Listen to this song. know that I'm here, know that I'm real, Say what you want, or don't talk at all, Not gonna let you fall, Reach for my hand, Cause it's held out for you, My shoulders are small, But you can cry on them too, Everything changes, but one thing Is true, understand, we'll always be more than GTQ users.
  9. You're a true friend.
  10. singin234, I take leave now but I hope you remember my words. The lyrics may not be original but I mean everything I said. I.LOVE.YOU.SISTER!

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