Platinum Love ¤Part 2¤

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@Firey_Soul, @ PuffBall, @ singin234, @Ardeo9999, @ xxblutixx and @ashbieber123 thank you guys for all those nice comments. And @Firey_Soul & @singin234 guys i toned down 'your' attitude a little bit so that now Kelly is approchable.

JASMINE'S DESCRIPTION: she has shoulder-length red hair, brown eyes. She was the tallest in the group and her personality was foxy and fiery. RUBY'S DESCRIPTION: she has hazel eyes, long black hair that was side-braided all the time. She is taller than you but shorter than charlie. She is charming and bubbly.

Created by: AquaWinter
  1. He was none other than . . . . Our Hitguy. ''You two know each other?'' Charlie quizzed. You said no and he said yes at the same time. Charlie looked at you with a confused look on her face. '' Hmm actually we sort of bumped into each other at school so Yes but, other than that there's nothing so No'' you explained awkwardly. 'Anyway Kelly, this is my boyfriend Adrian and Adrian, this is my new friend Kelly' she introduced. ''Hi Kelly please sit with us'' he said with a smile. 'Thank you but i gotta go so, maybe some other time' you said in a very low tone. 'Okay no problem' he replied. Charlie hugged you before saying goodbye which surprised you. You said goodbye to both of them and rushed to your car without picking what you ordered.
  2. You got in your car and drove back to your home. Tears formed in your eyes. You want to hold it back but you can't control it. You reached your home and ran to your room upstairs. You locked the door inside and sat on the floor beside your bed and started crying. You stopped crying after about half an hour later. Your eyes were acheing now but you felt much worse pain than that when Charlie told Adrian was her boyfriend. ''Kelly, Kelly'' your mom knocked the door. You realised that your mom was back from work. Quickly you wiped tears, steadied yourself and opened the door. 'Hey there big girl. . . wwhat happened Kelly. Are you crying?' She wiped away some tears that rolled on your cheek. 'No mom. It was just something fell in my eye' you lied. 'wait a minute baby i'll go and get the eye drops' she said concernly. 'No mom no need for that i'm okay now' you stopped your mom. 'Are you sure' she asked you half heartedly. 'Yes mom i'm sure' you replied. ''Ok, then i'll make dinner, you take some rest'' she kissed your forehead and left.
  3. After your mom left, you locked the door again and changed into a Maroon coloured satin nightgown and took deep breaths for five times which made you feel better. You and your mom always had a good relationship. She was more like a friend to you. If anyone who don't know you happens to see you and your mum together, they will mistake you two as sisters. Both lookwise and the bond you two share. By now you decided not to tell anything to your mom and went downstairs. Your mom was making dinner. 'Can i help you mom?' you asked. 'Yeah you can help me by eating what i cook' she joked. 'How was your new school kelly' she exclaimed. 'It was fine other than its new and how was your work' you said. 'its good' she replied. 'Mother i'm going to skip dinner tonight'. 'what? No no no that's not happening Kelly because, you will be hungry by midnight' your mom sternly said. 'It's fine mom, i just dint feel like eating and if i get hungry i'll eat midnight dinner' you convinced your mother and left.
  4. *Your POV* : 'Ok, its time to clear my mind'. ''So, his name is Adrian, He was Charlie's boyfriend, Charlie was my friend. If i continue to have feelings for him that would be a betrayal to Charlie, only if Adrian dumps Charlie for me. Otherwise, it will be like i got fooled by myself''. 'wait. . . . Do i want to be friends with Charlie?'. 'well its too late to think that and also she's not bad'. Also most importantly he doen't look like someone who will leave his girlfriend for any silly reasons. 'he won't be even thinking of me' you sighed. After some intense thinking you decided to push your feelings to the side and just forget Adrian and just enjoy your senior year. Crying over a boy was the last thing you wanted to do. Then you peacefully drifted into a dreamless sleep.
  5. You wokeup next day early. You showered, brushed teeth, etc., etc., and got into your car and drove to your school. You went to your locker, picked some books and locked it. As you were about to go to your class you saw Charile standing with her wing girls a little distance away. She spotted you and smiled. You waved her a 'hi' and went looking for the class. 'What was that' you heard one of the wing girls as you walked away. You got in your class and sat down next to a empty seat. The class was biology. The period went well. Until lunch all went uneventfully and youre back to the normal state like you always been. It was lunch but you dint leave the classroom for five mins as you wanted the lunch line long. You went into lunchroom. Surprisingly Charlie and her wing girls were waiting for you. You went straight to them and said 'Hi'. Everybody said it reply other than the garbage girl. 'I gotta pick my lunch so you guys don't wait for me' you said. 'There's no need Kelly we already picked your food for you' the other wing girl said. 'Great this was one of the reasons why i don't want or want to be a wing girl' you thought.
  6. You all found a empty table and sat down. ''Alright. . . . I'm a bad icebreaker but can i know the names of you two?'' you asked the wing girls. ''Not bad Kelly. My name is Ruby'' the wing girl said. (for descriptions, go to 2nd introductry paragraph) The garbage girl din't answer you. ''well her name is Jasmine'' Charlie said. ''Hi Summer!'' Cameron came from nowhere and sat down beside you. 'what?' you asked him confused. 'Do you missed me?' he questioned you. 'No but who's Summer?' you asked him. 'You' he replied. 'wwhat me?' 'yeah you know Summer is my favourite season' he explained. 'So?!' you buzzed. 'You and Summer have one thing in common so you're Summer' he said. Ruby started laughing at you. 'don't you get it' Ruby asked you inbetween laughing. 'You both are hot' cameron said with a cheesy tone. That made you blush hardly. You couldn't help but smile shyly. He picked your trash and threw it in garbage (not on Jasmine) and asked you 'Are you ready?' 'For what' you bluntly asked him in reply. 'For a one on one time with me' he said and pulled your wrist gently and literelly dragged you with him. 'Have a good time Kelly' Charlie shouted.
  7. He dragged you towards the locker and stopped. 'What's wrong with you?' you asked him a little bit harshly. 'Nothing Summer it's just my eyes' he replied. 'What happened to your eyes' you asked him concernly. 'I don't know Kelly. I just can't take my eyes off you' he said softly with puppy eyes and moved closer towards you. You moved a step backwards and said ' Just get lost Cameron'. 'I'm already lost in you Kelly' he said and came a step closer to you. You moved a step backwards but you couldn't move any more back as locker prevented you from doing that. So you clinged to the locker. He came closer again. This time he's only cms away from you. You heart started to race, butterflies started to fly in your stomach, you hands were little bit shaky now. He leaned his face towards yours. You felt his cool mint breath on your neck as he said ' I've fallen hard for you Kelly'. You realized what's he gonna do next. Naturally you closed your eyes and waited. But nothing happened. You slightly opened the corner of your right eye and to your shock he was already gone. You stood there stunned.
  8. You ran to your art class without picking your stuff from your locker. Thank god! You reached your class in time. You saw Charlie and sat down next to her. She smiled at you and said 'I think Cameron likes you Kelly'. 'Whatever Charlie. He's a moron' you fumed. 'what happened' she asked you. 'Nothing' you said with great amount of annoyance in your voice. Your art teacher already calling out everybody in pairs. You're got paired with Adrian. Now only you realized Adrian too was in the class. 'Things are starting to get awkward' you thought and looked at Charlie. She was paired with a guy. 'See ya Charlie' you said to her and went to sit with Adrian.
  9. He smiled warmly as you said 'hey' to him and You sat down next to him. 'What we're going to do kelly. Kelly right, your name?' he asked you. 'yeah you're right. I don't know. I got nothing with me to draw so i'm going to do nothing' you said. He dint asked you why but instead he said, 'Alright Kelly its fine. We can do this together'. You looked at him with a blank expression. He smiled a little bit and said: ' I got no idea what to draw and you got nothing to draw. So why don't we take advantage of the suituation and work together'. 'How?' you quizzed him. 'Look, you can describe me what you want to draw and i can draw it for us' he said. 'Yeah. It sounds fun' you said and decided to describe him a lady that you killed in GTA : Vice city. As you were describing step by step to him while he was drawing without any distraction, you looked at him. He jerked his head to move his hair. He paused for a moment, tapping his pencil on the desk. His fingers were long but strong looking, his fingernails were clear and smooth with half moons near the cuticles. You watched him as he continued to draw.
  10. Your eyes wandered to his face. His chestnut hair fell over his pale face and covered his forehead. His nose and chin were perfect. He had a freckle on his cheek which made him look adorable. His lips were pink and thin. As you were staring him, he suddenly look up. You caught his adorable brown eyes before you jerked your head to other direction. 'Finished' he said and put the drawing under of his book on the desk. 'Can i see it?' you asked him shyly. ''hmm. . . He paused for a moment and said, yeah sure''. He pulled the paper and gave it to you. You saw the drawing and laughed loudly without realizing you were too loud.
  11. Everyone was now looking at you. He drawn a smiley as the lady's face, small bricks as hands and legs, the body was a retangle shape, he joined everything with lines. It looked more funnily than i explained here. Your art teacher came to your desk and asked 'what was that' at you and Adrian. Adrian picked the paper from you and gave it to him. Adrian's face expression made you laugh more. He looked adorable. After seing the drawing your art teacher said ''Well. . You can do better than this mr.Torres'' at Adrian. ''yes mr.jones'' Adrian replied. Soon the bell rang and class was over. Inbetween laughing you asked him 'What's your next class'. 'Maths' he replied. You noticed he already had the books for maths class. 'Really?' you asked him excited. 'yeah' he replied. 'Me too! Can you wait for me' you asked him. 'yeah, sure kelly' he replied. But he din't wait for you, he followed you to your locker.
  12. You picked your stuff from locker and locked it. You turned to Adrian and said, ''Thanks for waiting for me ade''. 'Anytime' he said in reply. 'wait our art teacher called you Mr.TORRES!?' you asked him. 'uh. . Yea its my last name' he said with a akward smile. 'So you're Adrian Torres' you said to yourself. You and Adrian reached your class. Both of you decided to sit at back. Soon the class started. Your maths teacher asked the class some questions. Nobody answered other than Adrian and you. Actually it was a good competition inbetween you two as both of you raised your hands to answer every single question. Soon the class was over. You said bye to Adrian and walked to your next class. 'Kelly wait' Adrian called you. He ran upto you and said, 'I din't see that coming'. 'what?' you asked him. 'That you're a Mathelete' he said. 'Mathelete? Oh..yea i'm but you yourself a Mathelete Ade' you complimented him. 'I know. But i never thought that you would be that smart' he said. 'So your thought that i'm a Dumb blonde girl' you jokeingly asked him like you were angry at him. 'no no no i din't but i never thought that you would be this smart' he said. 'hmm well i'm getting late for my next class. Can we finish this conversation later' you asked him. 'sure' he replied and you walked away.
  13. After some boring classes the school is over. You walked over to you locker. You are shocked to see Charlie is there with Ruby and Jasmine. You went to them, actually to your locker and said, 'Hey Charlie! Hey Ruby' and you ignored Jasmine. 'Hey Kelly! Did you had fun in your classes' charlie asked meaningfully. 'y-y-yea. How about you' you stuttered. 'Yea me too and i actually came to ask you if you were free this evening' she asked you. 'yeah i'm free but for what?' you replied her. 'I thought that we could hangout for a while at Starbucks' she said more coldly. 'that fine with me charlie. How about five 0'clock' you asked her. 'That's fine with me too. So i see you at starbucks ' she said and walked away immedietly followed by Ruby and Jasmine. Now only you realized that you abandoned her in art class without even looking back and you were all over with her boyfriend. You sensed a troube in paradise incoming for you.
  14. That it for this part guys. Who do you like the most Ruby or Jasmine?. Who you want more time with Cameron or Adrian? And most importantly i want you guys to suggest me ''your'' last name please.

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