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  • True, it was short, but I'm glad you filled out more questions... one thing I do have to critique though: there is already a quiz that goes by EXACTLY the same name made by xX3mo_Ang3lXx, so if you're going to continue this maybe you could alter the name a bit so that people who read her quizzes don't get confused? Just something I wanted to mention.

    On a totally different note: OMG it's mythologyfreak o.o I thought you disappeared... sorry for seeming like an annoying fan, but are you going to continue "Not Any Mortal Boys"? Plus, I just mentioned you in my newest quiz series part O.O weird coicidence?

  • I agree with Firey_Soul. Especially the part about how no quiz will ever be as good as xX3mo_Ang3lxX's. But you should seriosly change your quiz's name unless you want more comments like this.

    xXx im_3mo xXx
  • nothing much happened yet, but really cool start! I liked the part where I first met Mackenzi, however u spell it. Nice quiz so far! should continue!

  • Not trying to be rude, but you totally ripped off xX3mo_Ang3lXx's quiz name... you probably want to change that. There's no UnWanted series that will ever be as good as hers.

  • Yeah it was pretty short, but not as short as your other ones.


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