Harry Potter Idol Season 1 Episode 2

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Created by: KoolKittyKat

  1. HOST: Hello everyone! Welcome back to Harry Potter Idol! The votes are in! I am sorry to say that the 2 people that will be eliminated are Ron Weasly and Cho Chang. RON: But I sang great! ( sings horrible agian ) CHO: Ugh Ron! HE may sing horrible,but I sing like a angel! RON: If the angel has no voice... CHO: Ron I swear- HOST: Woah woah woah! Calm down! I got some comments and they said they wanted you 2 off the show! So get outta here! ( Ron and Cho walk out, still arguing ) HOST: Now! Lets begin with Harry Potter singing It Girl. He said he is singing this for Cho Chang. Hehe.
  2. ( Harry sings okay ) HOST: Um,Judges? SNAPE: That was bad... HAGRID: Not your best Harry. DUMBDORE: Not so good dawg. HOST: Um Dumbdore,dont say 'dawg'. Your like what a million years old? Anyways, next up is Hermione Granger singing ' Wake Me Up Inside'.
  3. ( hermione sings beautifuly ) HOST: That was beautiful. Judges? SNAPE: Even I have to say that was great. HAGRID: Wonderful Hermione! DUMBLDORE: Nice work! HOST: Thats a little bit better Dumbldore. Keep tryin! Next up is Ginny Weasly singing ' The One That Got Away'
  4. ( Ginny sings better that Hermoione ) HOST: That was better than Hermoine! Judges? SNAPE: Hmm... HAGRID: Uh I agree with the invisible person! HOST: Uh.. DUMBLDORE: I likes pie HOST: THATS SO WRONG DUMBLDORE! Next up is Malfoy singing ' Pink Unicorns?' MALFOY: No im not! HARRY!! HARRY: ( ROFL ) hahahahahahaha MALFOY: IM SO GONNA GET YOU! BUT FIRST I MUST SING ' I Gotta Feelin!'
  5. ( Malfoy sings ) HOST: Judges? SNAPE: no HAGRID: no DUMBLDORE: hell no!!!! HOST: Um well.. wow Dumbldore... next up is Fred Weasly singing ' Are You Okay'
  6. ( Fred sings ) HOST: Judges? SNAPE: Good. HAGRID: Good. DUMBLDORE: Bad. HOST: Wow Dumbldore. Hes lost his marbles folks! Last but no least, here is George Weasly singing ' ELMOS WORLD!?!'
  7. ( George sings )
  8. HOST: Well...um...judges? SNAPE: I love that song! HAGRID: Me 2! DUMBLDORE: It my favorite!

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